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Town of Torbay Launches Municipal Election Website

The Town of Torbay is proud to announce the launch of, a new municipal election site, and the first of it’s kind in this province.

“I am very impressed by The Town of Torbay’s commitment to innovation, education, and engagement of its residents. This initiative go a long way towards ensuring the highest quality of municipal service”  

– Mayor Karen Oldford, President, MNL

This new website will provide an opportunity for residents to engage with council members on issues, while also relaying pertinent information about voting, running for municipal government, and essential government functions. Last year, Torbay increased its voter turnout by seven percent. This year, they hope for another increase.

“In the past few years, our town has focused on being progressive, doing things no one else is doing in municipal government. We’ve also been firmly committed to strengthening citizen engagement. We’re thrilled to be taking another step towards those goals.” 

– Mayor Ralph Tapper

As the campaign progresses, the site will be updated to feature questions and answers from candidates, and an area for residents to show support for their candidate of choice. The most innovative section of the site will be “The Conversation.” This connection platform will allow anyone to create an account and participate in conversations with council – current and future – and each other.

We are especially excited about The Conversation platform. It’s all about putting the power back in the hands of the people and empowering them to be able to engage with us and now with each other in a very meaningful way.”

– Mayor Ralph Tapper

The site launches, on Municipal Awareness Day – a day for local leaders and municipal administrators to connect with residents, providing them with information about the work local governments do, and encouraging them to become actively engaged on municipal issues; exactly what this site aims to do year-round in Torbay.



Mayor Ralph Tapper


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