Why Vote

Voting! It’s a big deal – and whether you realize it or not, every vote counts toward electing the best government for the job. If you’re not convinced, check out these Top 10 Reasons to Vote:


  1. You Deserve to be Heard. If you don’t vote in your municipal election, your voice will not be heard. Your values, issues, and beliefs will not be represented in your government. Nobody can vote for your benefit, but you. 
  2. Shape Where You Live. All of the resources you depend on in your community are directly shaped by who we choose as elected officials. Schools, hospitals, police – the policies that govern these bodies come directly from government. 
  3. You Pay for Representatives Decisions. As a taxpayer, much of your money goes towards the decisions made by elected officials. If you don’t vote to elect an official, your tax dollars will go towards someone else’s priorities. 
  4. Send a Message. Do you think your elected officials could be doing a better job? Do you feel like your current government is not representative of you? Send a message by voting. 
  5. Change Cannot Happen Without You. Without your vote to change how your community is governed, change cannot take place. 
  6. It Makes a Difference – No Matter Who Wins. Even if the person or party you voted for doesn’t win the election, you’ve still dented their margin of victory. This means, they will be encouraged to promote more moderate policies, in order to regain their position in re-election. 
  7. Don’t Take Democracy for Granted. Many countries do not have a representative democracy such as Canada does. If the government is willing to listen – be willing to speak. 
  8. It’s Too Easy Not To. Voting is easy – when election times rolls around you just head to your local polling station and make yourself heard. It’s that simple. Ensure yourself and your peers are represented through one quick, easy motion. 
  9. It’s Your Privilege. The number of people who wish they could evoke change through voting for their elected government, but cannot, is alarming. Take advantage of this privilege to make a difference.
  10. It’s Your Duty. As a Canadian citizen, you have a duty to yourself and the country to ensure it is being run in the best way possible. For both current and future generations.
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